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The London Olympic Games 2012 will start soon, on 27th July,  so I thought it would be nice to focus this unit of activities on such an exciting event. WS - SUMMER ACTIVITIES 3 is available HERE  or can be downloaded from the widget_box on the right sidebar . My students can send their works to learnonline.mgs@gmail.com ( by 31st July) .

Oscar Pistorius: The fastest man on no legs
Being born with very deformed feet, Oscar Pistorius’ parent were faced with two choices.  Either keep his feet as they are or amputate them in order to try and give Oscar a better way of life. Luckily for Oscar they chose for his feet to be amputated giving him the nickname ‘Blade Runner’ and the title ‘The Fastest Man On No Legs’.  One of the most inspirational stories to come out of the country of South Africa is Oscar’s story. Not only could Oscar walk but he could also run. His prosthetic legs also made him rise to becoming the fastest man on earth. 

He’s won numerous medals and thousands of achievements both on the disabled track and the abled track but when the question of prosthetic legs being advantages or disadvantages for athletes, came into question, Oscar’s dream nearly shattered. Oscar Pistorius’ biography book called ‘Bladerunner’ recounts the story of Oscar’s life. His hunger for achievement and his belief that he is in fact able bodied rather than disabled like the rest of the world sees him, has brought Oscar to the point where he is manifesting reality with each positive thought that enters his mind.

Video 1. 

Video 2. 

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Oscar will take part in London 2012. Not in the paralympic games but in the main ones, among the strongest champions in the world. There are controversial opinions on his taking part since many think his prosthetic legs are an advantage to him and make the challenge unfair. What do you think? 

Video 3
The Official London 2012 Olympics Film

Video 4
Muse - Survival The London Olympics Official Song

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