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Reading Task for 4scA-B (Upper Intermediate) - read the given text then summarize it in 10-15 lines. Finally write your answers to the Discussion Questions in the pink box on the right (5/6 lines each). Change  question 3 as follows : Think about your friends and schoolmates  for evidence of a generational need to be famous or, at the very least, distinctive. What events or influences in your life contributed to your own desire /lack of desire to become famous CLICK HERE
Reading Task for 3scA - (Intermediate)  read the given text,  write a short summary of the article in your own words, add your personal opinion (10-15 lines)  CLICK HERE
Reading Task for 2scB - (Pre-intermediate) Read the text and complete the tasks in the worksheet, "Do fame and money bring happiness?"  CLICK HERE


Writing Task for 3scA  / 4scA-B (Intermediate)

Watch The Script's video, Hall of Fame, and write the story of the two protagonists.

- Give the boy and a girl a name and describe them
- Then write about:
    - the parent /child relationship and how it affects them
   -  their daily routines and attitudes to life
   -  the sorts of bullying they suffer from peers
   -  how they react to their predicaments and how they overcome their limits/fears

  What is the message of the video? (150-200 words)

Listening/Writing Task for 2scB (Pre-Intermediate)

Watch The Script's video, Hall of Fame, and complete the tasks in the worksheet


Go to English Grammar 4U on line choose the grammar structures you want to revise and practise (at least 2) and do all the exercises and tests you find. You can check your answers at the end of each exercise.

N.B. Students can send their writing tasks (not the listening tasks,  nor the grammar exercises ) to for correction  as well as suggestions for further work by 9th July.  

Summer Activities 2 will be up on July 10th. 

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