Saturday, 23 January 2016


Do you ever look at people and wonder what happens in their minds? This is exactly what brilliant Pixar film Inside Out  (2015) tries to do. 
Inside Out is the story of what happens in Riley's mind. Riley is 12, she leads a pretty good life with her loving parents,  she plays hockey and loves Minnesota, her home state. Her life goes on quite smoothly with the help of her emotions; Joy, Fear, Sadness, Disgust, and Anger. But one day she must move  to San Fransisco and once she is there Joy and Sadness disappear, which  symbolizes her difficulty accepting her new life. Joy and Sadness go on a quest to return home and save Riley....

The video I've chosen for this lesson is not in the movie. It is a clip released after the great success Inside Out got both from audiences and critics all around the world. 

What happens in Riley's parents' minds when a boy, Jordan,  comes round to take their daughter out? Enjoy the video and don't forget to complete the tasks in the worksheet below. Practice makes perfect!

Learn to recognize your emotions!

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