Sunday, 20 July 2014


Ed Sheeran, the worldwide popular British singer and songwriter, wrote this beautiful ballad in 2011 after  following a last-minute performance at an event for the homeless. It tells of a crack-addicted girl (crack is known as a "class A drug"). It was written after Sheeran visited a homeless shelter and heard some of the stories of the lives people had been living. Making the song upbeat was Sheeran's way of masking the heavy subject matter. Also using the term "Class A Team" was another way of masking it a little more. Watch the video, listen to the song and complete the tasks 1 and 2 in the worksheet (HERE)

The girl in the video above sells a magazine in the street: it is The Big Issue. Discover more about the project behind the magazine (Reading Comprehension - Task 3  in the worksheet).
Complete the 3 tasks in the worksheet taking your time. Remember that working a little every day gives better results than rare full immersion sessions. 


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