Friday, 18 December 2015


Hi, my name is  Lucrezia B. and my favourite activity is riding a horse. I love being in the outdoors. I enjoy texting with my friends on my mobile phone. I love going out late. I rarely go to the gym but I like keeping fit.
I hate being at home so, as soon as I can, I meet up with my friends in the town centre. I can't stand cooking, in fact when the people ask me to cook or help them cook my answer is always: NO. I hate watching football matches on TV but I enjoy watching films. I hate reading books.

Hi! I’m Samuele, I'm 14 and my favourite activity is the riding my mountain bike. I live in Italy and I like travelling around my country . I’ve got a lot of nice friends and I can’t stand boring people. In my free time I enjoy playing football, as I told you, riding my bike and in the summer I love swimming in my grandpa’s swimming-pool. I like watching films ,but I don’t like horror movies. I think keeping fit is very important, I keep fit doing exercise with my friends. Whenever I can, I enjoy meeting up with them.
Hi everyone, my name is Giorgia. I love reading books and swimming. My friends say I’m dreamy and funny. I enjoy spending my time listening to music, watching TV or playing video games. I like training as a way of keeping fit. I like meeting up and chatting with my friends. I hate cooking and making cakes but I enjoy eating. I can't stand acting or dancing but I love being creative.

Hi, my name is Mariano. My favourite hobby is riding my bike. I also love riding motorbikes. I sometimes invite my friends to come round. Do you know what I can't stand? When my parents reproach me! In the evening I enjoy playing clash of clans on my mobile phone. I've got a lot of friends and I love chatting with them. I hate going to school but I like swimming, especially in the summer.

Hi, I’m  Luca S.   I've got lots of friends and we like chatting and meeting up and hang out together . I often go cycling,  it is my favourite sport,  but I also go to the swimming-pool twice a week. Yes! I'm a sporty boy. I like making cakes,  I hate reading books but I must do it, especially for school. In my free time,  I enjoy playing videogames or watching football matches on tv. I love listening to music and, you know,  I'm a DJ.  It is my best favourite hobby.

Hi , I'm Cristian.  I enjoy having fun, I love meeting up with my friends and  texting on my mobile phone. I hate getting up early at the weekend and I can't stand reading books or playing the guitar.

Hi,  I'm Benedetta and  I'm 14. I'm in the first year of High School. I think I'm cheerful.  I love meeting up with my friends or chatting with them. I also enjoy doing karate or listening to music. I don ‘t like making cakes, I prefer eating them. I can ‘t stand getting up early in the morning, but I must do it! I love One Direction, they are my favourite band. 

Hi, my name is Giovanni, I’m a student here in Subiaco, Italy.  I love doing sport, my favourite sport is skiing. I am a boy who enjoys having fun. I like spending my time listening to music, going out with my friends, playing videogames. I really can’t stand sitting still because I am a very active person.

Hello,  I’m Thomas. My favourites activities are playing football, watching TV and meeting up with my friends. I sometimes go to the gym, but not to work out. There I practise muay thai. I really like playing football and  I traing every weekday. In my free-time I like texting on my mobile phone but at the moment I haven’t got one. I also like playing videogames and I love... sleeping! At the weekend I really like going to shopping centres, I hate staying at home because it is boring. On Sunday I have football matches with my team in the morning and in the afternoon I generally do my homework or I meet up with my friends. 
My favourite football club is Juventus.

Hi, I’m AlbertoI love skiing, it is my favourite sport. I love going to the mountains. I enjoy playing the guitar, but I’m not good at it. I like texting on my mobile phone. I can’t stand when my mother reproches me. I like riding my bike. I hate jogging, but I like working out at the gym. I don’t like reading newspapers and I love shopping.

Hi, I’m Federico G. My favourite activity is playing football and I love watching rugby and Formula 1 on tv. I hate doing my homework or going to school, I can’t stand getting up early in the morning  I like listening to music, watching video on YouTube and going out with my friends but I hate dancing or singing. I also enjoy playing videogames. 

Hi, everyone! I’m Lucrezia M.  I am a girl who loves music, so I spend all my free time listening to music or playing the piano and the guitar. I also enjoy drawing or simply relaxing on my big balcony or daydreaming. I like socialising with other people and meeting up with my friends, but I hate doing my homework and I can’t stand listening to my mum. 

Hi, I’m Giada.  I’m a sporty girl, I love kayaking and swimming. I enjoy watching sport on TV and making cakes with my mum or my grandmother. I hate going out late or reading the newspaper but I love reading books. I love keeping fit, so I go  running with my dad and I go kayaking 6 days a week, almost every day! I can’t stand sitting still. I also love swimming, especially in the summer. I love having fun with my friends and I love daydreaming. I don't like wasting my time playing videogames. I love eating ice cream and doing shopping.

Hi, I’m Kendra. I’m a sporty person. I really love swimming and keeping fit! I enjoy spending my free time listening to music, watching films, playing the guitar and cooking. I also like eating. I’m not a morning person so I don’t like waking up early in the morning. I can't stand going out late, especially at the weekends.

Hi, my name is Luca and I’m  14 years old. My favorite sport is football and my favorite subject is Latin! I play in a football team, Vis Subiaco, I have my training 3 days a week and on Sunday or Saturday we have a match. I support Roma Club. I live in Subiaco and I am an only child. I get up late in the morning. I hate reading, dancing or singing but I like going to the cinema. I like playing videogames very much, but I am not a nerd. My favorite game is FIFA, especially “ Ultimate Team”.

Hi, I'm LuigiMy favourite activity is playing football. I enjoy spending my time playing football or going out with my friends. I can’t stand going to school. I hate studying and I hate getting up early in the morning. I’ve got many friends and we like meeting up or chatting on our mobile phones. 

Hi, my name is Marco. I' m a sporty boy, I love keeping fit. My favourite sport is football and I like riding my bike. My favorite footall team is AS Roma. I can't stand swimming nor sitting still; besides I hate reading, especially novels. I enjoy texting on my mobile phone. I love having fun.

Hi everyone! My name is Lorenzo M. and my favourite activity is reading, especially fantasy books like Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings. When I have some free time, I play my guitar. I go to the swimming pool three times a week. Swimming is my favourite sports. I haven't got a best friend, I've got only very good friends. I hate texting  or chatting online with friends and I don't like shopping. I can't stand going out early after lunch. I want to become an engineer.

Hi, I’m Francesco My favourite sport is football and I love playing it.  I go to my training twice a week, and at the weekends I have a match. After my training, I usually do my homework. and, in my free time, I listen to music or watch  football on Tv.  My favourite team is Milan. 

Hi, my name is Martina and my favourite activity is dancing. I like going to the cinema, but I can’t stand watching sport on TV. I like texting and chatting with my friends. I like playing volleyball and I don’t like people who don’t keep fit. I love listening to music and I like playing the guitar. I love reading books and I love shopping. I hate getting up early in the morning. 

Hi, my name’s Federico P., I am 14 years old. I love playing videogames, I like playing football with my friends, I enjoy riding my bike, I hate  listening to music and I can’t stand reading books.          

Hello I’m Lorenzo F. and I live in Italy. I’m 14, I’m a student in the first year of High School. My favourite sport is swimming and I like studying. I live with my father, my mother and my brother.  In my free time I like reading books.        

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